About Our Program

“There are just too few institutions that help inspire, train, and nurture progressive activists. That’s why I’m so excited about Antioch University New England’s program in Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability. It’s a graduate program that offers in-depth activist training and even connects its graduates into an ongoing support network. I encourage everyone seeking to work as a public interest advocate or a grassroots organizer to check out Antioch’s advocacy and organizing program.”

—Eli Pariser, Co-Founder and Board President of MoveOn.Org

This website and blog is for students, faculty, alums, fans, and prospective students interested in Antioch University New England‘s environmental studies masters concentration in Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability–a 42 credit, hands-on, graduate training program for students seeking  professional careers as public interest advocates and grassroots organizers promoting ecological sustainability, social justice, the democratic control of corporations, and alternative forms of community development rooted in fair trade, economic relocalization, cooperative ownership, and permaculture principles.

For More Information, Go To The Following AUNE Webpages:
Activist Career Possibilities
Program Home Page
Program Overview
Program Philosophy
Common Course Sequences
Community Service Learning
US Congressional Progressive Caucus Fellowship
Advocacy Director’s Faculty Page
Advocacy Director Talks and Interviews
Other AUNE Environmental Studies Programs

If you believe that it is important to help citizens become more educated, organized, and active, as well as more strategic, reflective, and visionary, while also becoming better and better at self-care and balancing their personal, professional, and public lives, then this program might be a good option for you, or someone you know. Please help us spread the word.

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